Mt Rugby and The Best Beer Ever

It turns out that Lesley and I are not the only yachties silly enough to want to climb Mt Rugby. We fall in with a bunch of others making their way to the summit of this awesome mountain, plopped right in the middle of Port Davey. We climbed Mt Beattie a few days ago, a much easier walk, and were impressed by the spectacle of Mt Rugby on the other side of the inlet, just beckoning to us. "Climb me! Climb me!" 

Mt Rugby is about 740m high and takes about 5hrs return to climb so we start early. It's a hard climb. The trail is just a wombat trail -- deep and narrow. It's too narrow to walk normally, instead you have to place each foot directly in front of the other, which is very hard to do, I discovered after falling over several times.

But the view from the top is... well... like this:

My feet, at the top of Mt Rugby

If you look really carefully into the distance on the far right you can make out Maatsuyker Island in the distance. More photos here.

Down was worse than up and it became clear that I had not brought enough water. When we got to the bottom we were met by the most wonderful man on earth, who had watched our descent and timed his arrival with cold beer on the beach perfectly! It was the best beer I have ever had!

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    Glad I was not there - I do not like beer!
    On the other hand, it must have been absolutely worth the climb. Beautiful landscape, great picks.

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