Big River

Northern NSW is endowed with some big rivers, bigger than anywhere else in the dry continent of Australia. Of these, the Clarence River is the biggest, most navigable and most easily accessible. The bar is a little tricky with only 2.9m over it if you follow the leads (we did on the way in but it was calm and we will probably go north of the leads on the way out to stay in deeper water). Leads in so many places here are only a reference; once you acquire a little local knowledge you can just use them as a rough guide. They provide a simple line of attack and do not necessarily guide you over the safest water.

At the Yamba Sailing Club we were seriously advised to do a pub crawl from Yamba to Ulmarra in order to appreciate the river, and there is truly no better way to enjoy this beautiful, broad watercourse. Drink water if you must, but stop at the hotels! They are great examples of friendly Australian country pubs and most serve excellent food. To top it off they all have a free public jetty virtually at their front door, and most of these jetties are brand new floating pontoons, some even with water and electricity. This is the only place I have ever encountered with such wonderful hospitality for passing boats.

See the gallery photos here.


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    Can you tell me what is the keel configuration on your Van de stadt Norman please.
    and if on your way up the coast you see a white Van de stadt caribbean called "Siralee" could you give me a message.
    Thanks Greg.

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    What has happened to your slog, we haven't seen anything for some time?
    All can see was your last point of call somewhere near Keppel Group.

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    Sorry, slogs have been a bit slow. However, several are in the works and I will let you know when one is published. We are traveling again, currently in the narrows after trying to go down the outside in a South Easterly. Thanks for your interest and rest assured there will be plenty more.

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    If get a chance send me a message with your email address please.
    Can't find address from last time we talked.
    [email protected]

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