Tiger Snakes and Mountains

As I snap the photo she strikes. I jump back, trip over the pathway and land on my arse, adrenalin pumping, ready to bash tiger snakes with the camera if necessary. But it was just a warning strike and I got away with nothing worse than a muddy backside. And yes, that was mud on my backside.

We left Anjea at Clayton's Corner and joined a small group of VDL yachties making their way to the top of Mt Beattie. 

Clayton's Corner hosts the VDL rally boats

The walk is fairly easy apart from the narrowness of the wombat trails that comprise the path. And the view from the top is breathtaking, taking in the whole of the Port Davey area from Breaksea Island at the entrance, over The Narrows and Bathurst Harbour, to Melaleuca Inlet.

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