Escape from the Boatyard

Today, finally, we made our escape from Prince of Wales Bay and the boatyard. It really was hard for me to grasp that it was finally happening, especially as I spent the morning running around town getting last-minute odds and sods, including some very important fishing equipment -- hooks! The final holdup was what to do with the van for a few weeks. That was solved easily in the end by leaving it in the engineering car park.

There's lots of things still not done, but all the important stuff has been addressed so we are off. We left POW Bay about 1400 and made it to Sykas Cove on Bruny Island about 1800. There are still some issues with the anchor, like the chain doesn't run freely and has a tendancy to jam, but we got the hook down in this beautiful and peaceful anchorage. Lesley had cooked a great chicken soup so as soon as I had washed off the last of the boatyard grime in the shower, we ate. The main subject of discussion, apart from the current obsession with Donald Trump, is how best to take advantage of the weather.

Light to non-existent winds are forecast for the next couple of weeks, which is ideal for motoring but not much chop for a couple of sailors! We are planning a trip around the bottom of Tasmania to Port Davey in the South West Wilderness area of Tasmania. There are some easterlies forecast for Tuesday, but that is a bit early as we still need to get down the d'Entrecasteaux Channel to Recherche Bay, which will be our last anchorage before rounding the bottom of Tas and entering Port Davey. Once in Port Davey we might have to wait a while before we get a decent westerly to come back! 

Remember to track us on Marine Traffic at and search for 'Anjea'.


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    Hy Dave,
    Wish you a good journey and am looking forward in reading your next episode.
    We have a good time at Ellen's place.

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    Dear Dave!
    Have a wonderful trip and we will follow your journey!
    Love Merete

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    Great to catch up with you last week Dave and have a look at Anjea. Look forward to hearing how the first journey goes. Bon Voyage!

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    It was a hard birth; now the cord is cut enjoy every minute of your journey. We will follow your adventures.

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