The Brexit

It's a thing. Today, against all the pundit's expectations, the Brits voted to separate from the guys over the channel. Wankers. But maybe it will be for the best, eventually. The Brits have voted to leave the EU as a protest. If a similar poll was held in Austria, Hungary, Holland, France or any one of many other EU countries I wonder which way the population would vote. The percentage may not be over 50%, but there would certainly be a sizable vote to separate. Why? Because they are protesting against the forced pace of change, globalism and their gradually shrinking economies. People generally are being subjected to too much change, too much centralisation, too much loss of control, and are struggling to keep up. Citizens generally are struggling to feel that they have a place in their parents' country, while migrants struggle to find acceptance and represent little more than cheap labor and a threat to the established culture as far as the locals are concerned.

The global revolution may be over. The Brits have voted to regain their national identity. The flow on effects of this decision are difficult to estimate but I intuit it as a vote for 'identity' and against 'globalism'. If this trend caught on it might lead to some interesting situations. The Scots might vote (again) over independance, and this time England would be divided into two countries once more. Ireland could unite. Hungary and Austria are frightened of being trampelled and may decide to secede from the EU as an easy way to isolate their countries from being invaded by refugees. France might decide life would be a lot easier if they did not always have to discuss everything with the Germans, in bloody English. The Greeks? They may have missed the boat. Who knows? The EU might end up as Germany alone, with the Turks belting on the doors still wanting to join.

It's impossible to predict how the EU will rearrange itself. It is also very possible that the EU will take this opportunity to reorganize itself along lines that are more appealing to it's citizens, with stronger borders, more economic integration (or maybe less?). The possibilities now are endless. The Brexit will trigger new thinking, generational change and a return of power to the people. It also represents a huge win for the right.

If the contagion crosses the Atlantic to the US then we could see the major faultlines crystalize as new coutries like Trumpania and Clintonia. In Trumpania you have to curry a gun. There is no legal system so you just shoot it out with your neighbor. In Clintonia nothing ever changes because the laws are so complex it takes years to register as a voter.

I rather hope that this will lead to a freeing up of globalism, a change in the way we see things, an acknowlegment that parochial identity is OK and that globalism is not always desirable and that personal identity and local roots are important. Somehow, we have lost the notion of our tribe. Villages are not important any more. We need to get those back.

I also see the potential for the EU to move to the next stage: to reinvent itself in the mould its citizens want. The EU is currently a Frankestein. It needs to evolve to something simpler, more understandable, more human, less beurocratic and less complex, to reinvent itself without the baggage of Britian.

This can also be interpreted as a vote by the Brits for a less Americanized world. Hillary Clit's matriachal, out of touch comments might be perceived by Americans as the trash they really are. Surely Americans don't think that they can return to a world where the Clit rules? If they see thru her charade then Donald Trump will get up to the White House, which would REALLY change the game. That wouldn't be all bad. One just hopes the Trump purgative doesn't kill the patient in the process. Trump represents an extreme. His election would flush the system, getting rid of old trash like Clinton, and would cause America to rethink itself. Mind you, I think America is a lot less evolved than the EU and has a long way to go in terms of equity and good governance of and for its citizens.

Hmmmm... interesting times.

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