Port Hacking

This marina is filled with power boats. There are very few yachts and Anjea looks uncomfortable. However, the locals are friendly and I soon find out that they did a Sydney to Hobart years ago or used to have a yacht, or had some other connection to sailing before sloth and wealth combined to remove the magic of sail from their lives. I like to think that I would not ever buy a power boat, that the extreme pleasure of sailing is enough to prevent me, but I am not sure. I think, if I won the lottery, that I would buy a bigger sail boat, but not a power boat. Not yet...

I am not comfortable in a big city. The anonymity of the city center is OK for a while, but the suburbs are just aweful. Yesterday I walked from the boat here at Cronulla to the nearest Bunnings hardware store at Caringhah, about 5km round trip thru the 'burbs. I walked mostly along major roads, heavy with traffic and devoid of other pedestrians, and even devoid of footpaths in places. The Bunnings store turned out to be the smallest, most cramped hardware store I have ever been in, surprising for a chain of superstores that usually has no problem impressing with its size and range. Fortunately, it was right opposite a store called 'Stainless Steel Fasteners' who had just what I needed and unlike the Bunnings store, saw no need to search my bags.

On the way home I marvelled at the number of apartments. Mile after mile of them, with just the occasional house that hasn't yet been torn down to make way for yet more apartments. I guess that's one reason for the traffic density. I was tired after the walk and gave way to an urge for a glass of wine.

Whether it was the wine or something else I don't know but I had the strangest dream, nightmare really. I was at a boatshow where the latest boat was being demonstrated. This marvel of engineering could move in any direction on water or land, and could even submerge and become a submarine. It drove and handled a bit like an aeroplane. The driver sits in a seat with a couple of joysticks to control the aspect and power, behind a huge glass 'windscreen' that protects him from the elements and provides great visibility (maybe I should patent this). I was inside this wonderful machine and then suddenly I was outside and under this device as it manouvered on the edge of the water. I awoke in fright just before the thing crushed me.

Yes, I will definitely stick to sailboats.

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