A New Camera

I bought a second-hand Nikon D800 as a replacement for the trusty old D700 that is now so salt-encrusted that half the controls don't work. I was tempted to buy a new mirrorless camera but couldn't justify the cost.



Knocknadobar last week. View from the boat.

But mostly the view from inside the boat is like this. The locals say it's the wettest year ever. I have never experienced so much rain for sure.

The Fertha

Another shot between the storms and gales, also from the marina, showing the two bridges over the Fertha (one behind the other), The Barracks (the thing that looks a bit like a fairy castle was built to house British troops protecting the first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1870! ) and McGillacuddy's Reeks in the background.

Corked my knee jumping a fence a few days back and it's grounded me. I can slowly hobble a couple of hundred metres at most. Getting better but sailing plans on hold.

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