Walvis Bay

I set a line and 30 minutes later we have a yellow tail kingfish, just perfect for two or three meals for two people.

After motoring for 16 hours a small breeze springs up from behind. I set the main and before long the engine is off and we are sailing again. The moment after switching off the ‘green diesel bilge monster’ is bliss! All of a sudden you hear the swish of the water, the sound of the waves breaking under the boat, bird calls, the wind and other than that – silence.

The breeze turns into a good wind, the swell has died a bit and we have a fine sail all the way to Walvis Bay.

We find a spot just behind the other boats off the yacht club. When Merel tests the anchor it holds. It is mighty cold with a 15kn breeze that cuts through my wet weather gear. We go below and Merel suggests a celebratory beer. Who am I to argue? Then we head for bed to sleep for eight whole uninterrupted hours!

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