The South Atlantic Ocean

Along the West African coast, north from Cape Town, the sea is a grey-green soup filled with life sustained by the Benguila Current flowing up from the Antarctic. Once we left the coast off Walvis Bay the sea turned blue. Here, at a latitude of 13 degrees S, roughly the same as Darwin, Australia, I have never seen such a transparent deep blue sea.

I know there is life in it because every morning I clean the decks of flying fish. This morning’s crop were numerous but very small. I still haven’t caught an edible fish though, so we are still eating veggies.

We are both sleeping very well and completely adapted to our 4hrs on/off watch system. Merel is dreaming vividly; me not so much. The boat motion is easier now the waves are smaller and smoother and that makes it easier to get a good night’s rest.

Merel has resurrected a knitting project – woollen socks – and is threatening to wear them on a Brazilian beach. Watch this space for a fashion exclusive!

Much love to all,

Merel and Dave.

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