The Curlicues

Leaving Africa all our pumps decided to go on the blink. First the fridge fresh water cooling pump lost its prime.

Then, just as we rounded Pelican Point out of Walvis bay, the raw water feed pump for the watermaker stopped working. I dived under the boat thinking it was some obstruction blocking the inlet, which has happened before, but it was clear. After pulling off pipes and some swearing, we discovered that fiddling with the check valve made a dribble of water appear. A bit more fiddling caused a great gush of water to appear so I put it back together again and it works.

And then the house water pump lost its prime as well. How can this be coincidence? Look closely at the weather map. See all those wavy bits, curlicues and lakes of still air along the coast? I leave the details to the academics but clearly the pump failures are down to the weather. Personally, I think it’s the curlicues.

All fixed now and after much motoring yesterday and overnight we have full watertanks from the watermaker and are now in a nice sailing breeze.

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