The Alternative Story About How We Lost the Iridium

On the first of May 2022 things were still going smoothly as ever. On the second of May however our situation took a turn. This is how the story went.

Merel was making pancakes that afternoon while Dave was on his laptop getting ready to send out our daily voyage message and checking our up coming weather. Merel cracked an egg open for the pancake mix but smelt it was a bad one so she threw it out the hatch. Some of the egg slime landed on the deck. Soon after, Dave as normal, puts the little device that keeps us connected to the world on the deck to search for a better signal but it came into contact with the egg slime. He felt something slimy and wet on his fingers while he put the device down. It was the egg slime that caused it to slip. At that moment Dave jumped out of his seat and was on deck in a slit second, just in time to catch it from falling into the sea - he thought.

Right at that moment two flying fish approached at full speed, one hits him in the face and the other hits him on the hand holding the slimy device. The impact distorts his concentration, he losses his grip and once again it falls. He tries to reach for it, it’s only inches away so he calls - Merel, take the helm and stop the boat, I’m going in… He dives in swimming as fast as he can, deeper and deeper into the ocean. He is always just inches away but can never quite reach it.

Suddenly he starts feeling dizzy and very disoriented because he knows he is swimming too deep, much too deep for a human being but he nearly has it in his hand, he can see it so close, so one more time he reaches as hard as he possibly can. He’s got it - He thought. He lets out a big sigh that creates a few big bubbles while he’s coming up to the surface.

Merel has already made a pile of pancakes and is waiting patiently as he comes up beside the boat. He has a tired but happy look on his face and says - I got it! He lifts up his hand to show me but it’s a baby shark looking very confused and a bit ticked off. Dave apologizes profusely and says - please tell your mother I made a terrible mistake…

Gently letting the baby shark go he quickly gets safely into the boat - Phew.

And that is how our situation took a turn. How our Iridium Go gps device ended up on the bottom on the bottom of the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

We went back to using our good old fashioned telepathy, our instinct and prayers to Huey the Australian wind god.

The end

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