Still No Fish

Three days out and I still have caught no fish, but we’re hanging in there with a line out all day. There were a couple small flying fish on the deck but I’d have to be desperate to eat them.

The wind continues 15 knots from behind, we still have the two headsails dragging us to de Noronha and we are still sailing at close to hull speed. I made a small adjustment to the staysail and ran the sheet outside the rail to prop the sail open. It works nicely to open the sail but doesn’t made a great difference to our speed.

The sea has moderated. Swell is now mostly under 2m from behind. Occasionally, Trident gets bored and throws a few wobbly waves at us, just to spill the coffee, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

We spend the day reading, watching a movie, or tracking down strange noises that keep us awake at night.

Yesterday was cloudy and solar wasn’t enough but today is bright and clear so far, so maybe we can sail a whole day without starting the engine. That would be nice.

Hope your day is as good as ours,

Merel and Dave.

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