St Francis

Merel stood the graveyard shift last night and I got a full night’s sleep! Wow! That’s a luxury I don’t get when I’m solo.

It is now dawn. The sun just blinking over the low sea-mist on the horizon, directly through the open companionway. It was cold overnight, well under 20 C. Skies were clear all night and water temperature has dropped from 26 C yesterday to 17.8 today. We have steady pressure right behind us at 15kn from NE. The main has 2 reefs in it and we are bopping along very comfortably over nice smooth swell from behind with just a little left over local wave action on top.

Yesterday afternoon, in anticipation of strong winds overnight, I started to furl the genoa. After about 5 turns it jammed. Tried everything I could think of but the spinner shackle at the top of the genoa seems jammed and no matter what I do the whole spinner turns, twisting the halyard around the forestay. Hmmm… So I drop the genoa, making a compete hash of it. My excuse for trying to drop it going downwind instead of turning upwind is that the apparent wind is a lot less. It would have worked but I should have got rid of the pole first. Anyway, we got it down and onto the side deck where it can stay till find out what the problem is in St Francis.

ETA St Francis is about 1000.

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