We started off on a broad reach and now we’ve been running downwind wing on wing the last few days. Anjea rocks from side to side and sometimes there’s a little forward and backward tilting too with the waves behind us. I got used to sleeping in our reaching positions but now the rocking, it’s a bit harder again. I find myself holding the bed with my arms stretched out or in a kind of a wedge angle when I’m on a side or a hand on the wall. I bunch up the duvet and half lie on top of it. In a way one needs to give into the movements and just try and go with it. I also find it makes for crazy dreams or sometimes uncomfortable dreams like holding onto a cliff edge. Or walking, running and not being able to in a straight line. Being followed. They have been mostly a little bit confusing and dark. I’m remembering them because I wake every half hour or so. Sleep is so precious I wouldnt want to wake up too much to write them down.

Sometimes too I have to say I sleep really well. It all depends on the elements thrown at us. Some waves are soothing and comfortable and I sleep like a baby, rocked to sleep. This boat life is a lesson of living in every moment, practicing mindfulness at every turn. It’s easy to get flustered and frustrated sometimes when things don’t go our way but what’s the use of that. Staying mindful is key.
The other night a strong gust came with a few biggish waves and sent the boat sideways in a broach. The auto helm stopped working, it was very dark. I kinda lost my sense of direction. Found it hard to correct the boat back, Sails flapping wildly, lots of wind. That’s a moment of excitement and a little testing of my nerves but again a life lesson of staying calm and clear minded.
The weather is beautiful today and the waves gentle. This is the life!
Dave has a line out so hopefully we will have a fish for dinner too.

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