Merel in the Middle

It’s been good sailing since we left. The first day the fastest up to 9 knts and last few days nice and steady between 5&6 knts. The waves have only been getting easier too. Slowly but surely we are leaving behind our new friends of St. Helena and the beautiful island we enjoyed so much. It was a sad few days, some tears even and heart felt goodbyes. This quiet time on the boat has been a good time to reminisce about the beautiful places and people met so far. It feels like a transition time and preparation time for the next steps of our adventure. We are now on the half way mark to Fornando. We are definitely in the middle of the south Atlantic ocean and it feels great out here.

The sailing part so far has been easy peasy. The only bit of excitement we got was yesterday when Dave got a halyard wrapped around the genoa…
I’ve started working on my tan, about an hour a day I try and make myself comfortable on the foredeck. After all we are heading to paradise beaches and a little fore prep is needed.

Lots of love to everyone!

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