We were officially welcomed into Lüderitz by Customs and Immigration yesterday. We clear in together with Perry, a wonderful family on a catamaran whom we’d met before, and it was relaxed laughs and smiles all round. Facilitating it all is Andy, a local of English origin, who organizes everything, including a commercial mooring that he assures us is solidly attached to a 5 ton block. The chain looks like it was used to moor the Queen Mary, so I feel confident.

Anchoring is officially frowned upon as winds here can be extremely strong and holding is patchy. 30 knots is a daily occurrence and 50 knots is common. This is the home of the World Speed Sailing Records (Luderitz, Namibia: The Fastest Place on Water - Namibia Tourism Board).

And just in case you were wondering, the Snook was very nice indeed, except for the vast number of tiny bones. So with the remainder we’ll follow Michael’s Mum’s recipe: throw it in the mincer and make fish cakes!

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