Holland gone Troppo

We arrived in the little village of Domburg yesterday after a boring trip from French Guyana. What wind there was blew mostly from ahead so we just motored.

First impressions of Surinam are Holland with spice. There's water everywhere. It falls in great shower every afternoon and there are huge rivers, small rivers, creeks, drains and gutters everywhere, just like Holland I imagine, but here the rain is warm.

Merel is enjoying conversing with the locals in Dutch but most people seem to speak at least a bit of English.

Immigration here is handled by a company called VFS who, in South Africa, are the most incompetent idiots I've ever had the misfortune to be forced to rely on. My heart sank when I discovered that they handle immigration here too. In the end we filled in a form, waited for it to be stamped and returned to us, took it to the Military Policy in Paramaribo, paid the small fee so they could stamp our passport and it was done.

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