Halfway, More Curlicues and the Return of Grumpy Dave

Well, our woes with pumps are not over. The seawater pressure pump sprayed saltwater all over the electrics in the bottom of the cupboard it lives under causing the boat data network to die. It’s a bugger to get at of course and I am afraid to say Grumpy Dave made a brief return:-) It’s all sorted now, the leak fixed and the data connections cleaned and dried.

Yesterday we passed the half way mark. It looked very disappointing – grey clouds and sea, just like the past few days. Then the sun came out briefly and it was magic. Overnight it continued to clear and today we have had great conditions with just enough wind to sail on a reach, relatively flat seas, and sunshine


Eggs on rye with avocado, tomato and onion salad for breakfast. But no fish (yet).

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