Half Way

For the past few days the wind has been getting lighter and as it does we go slower. Now we are doing less than 2 knots, so slow we jumped off the back of the boat and went for a swim – one at a time, just in case the wind came up and the boat took off. We also rigged a line with a float to grab hold of. It was pleasant but the water is now very warm: 28C. Almost too warm. At 26C Saint Helena was perfect.

As the wind eases our half way mark seems to recede rather than getting closer. We are now just barely moving, although there is still a slow 2m swell that we don’t feel any more. But we will pass the half way mark sometime later today. The forecast is for another day of light air ahead of more winds on Monday.

Everyone is half way to somewhere, or maybe it’s a quarter or three-quarters. The point is we are enroute, underway, in the middle of our journey. Whatever your journey we hope you enjoy it.

Much love,
Merel and Dave

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