Expensive First-World Junk

Yes, a sailing boat needs wind but this too much. We had 25kn all night. The swell is huge and the surf spectacular, so there is no way we are going ashore here in Hottentot. The Iridium Go stopped and I was unable to download weather. This weather is nothing like the forecast and I need to see a new, hopefully more accurate, forecast.

Finally I pull the battery out of the Go, wait 10 seconds and reinsert it. It works again. Some people complain about cheap Chinese junk; my beef is with expensive first-world tech that doesn’t work! My biggest complaints in this regard are Bluetooth and the Iridium Go. Anyway, I now have a completely different forecast and it looks like hanging around Hottentot is a waste of time, so we pull up the anchor and follow Cerriane up the coast.

Once out at sea the swell is 3.5m, the wind is from behind, and so I try my new trick – sailing wing-on-wing with two headsails and no main. I know many boats do it but I’ve always used the main. The new setup works very nicely. The autohelm is almost having a holiday it’s so relaxed. I will do this more often.

Since I have no polars for this sail plan estimating an accurate arrival time is a bit challenging. If conditions stay the same we will arrive in Walvis about sunset tomorrow. If we lose the wind then it will be later.

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