Catching Snook

  1. Buy the lure recommended by Gary in Richards Bay. Mine has 3 medium hooks and a bunch of fine, frilly plastic decoration that doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen in the sea, and is called a trace pulsator couta lure.
  2. Attach it to your line.
  3. Throw it in the water.
  4. 10 seconds later, haul in your Snook.
  5. Give to Merel for cooking.

Snook is a small Barracouta and supposedly good eating. It is commonly sold in South African restaurants. Grant’s Guide to Fishes does not mention Ciguatera in connection with Snook, though he warns about it with big couta, so I think it is safe to eat. If you don’t hear from us again…

The weather has improved from the blowy overcast of early morning and it looks like it will become another glorious sailing day.

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