Cape Town

We motored in light to non-existent breeze for the last day and arrived in spectacular Cape Town about 1700. The mountain backdrop, the harbour and the waterfront are spectacular.

Marina staff had gone home but we negotiated the two lifting/opening bridges and motored directly to our assigned berth. There are many familiar boats here, including a couple from Australia. We’re all keen to get on the bus tour of Cape Town. Walter knows the city of course, but for Merel and I it’s new.

CT is just amazing. It is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. Some kind of mix between New York, Sydney and Hobart, with a good slice of African slums thrown in, if that doesn’t totally confuse you! It is very expensive for Africa – roughly Australian prices, but labor is a bit cheaper. This is a first-world city in every sense, except for the ‘informal settlements’ – squatter camps on every piece of otherwise unoccupied land. Fabulous sailing machines everywhere – rows of huge Leopards and Nexus cats up to 80’. Anjea is the smallest boat in the V&A marina.

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