Beware Strange Noises

During Merel’s watch I got up to investigate a strange noise that I thought was coming from the galley. But when I stood in the galley it seemed it was coming from outside, so I gave up and went back to bed. But Merel continued looking and found that both inner stays had undone themselves! Clearly, the locknuts had never been tightened when they were replaced by the rigger in Cape Town. Woops! That could have meant a mast breakage.

Today is gray, humid, 22C. A respectable breeze pushes us from behind at a bit over 6kn towards St Helena. The waves are still over 3m from the blow yesterday afternoon. We had 25 knots for a few hours and it was unpleasant. The boat just never stops moving and neither of us has yet settled in. I have not yet been able to get a good sleep.

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