A Tangle

Talking about it afterwards we both knew that the genoa sheet was chafing against the pole jaws and was likely to give way, we just didn’t know it was going to be dinner time yesterday!

So I knew what had happened immediately and started furling the genoa as best I could. I got most of it in before noticing that the pole topping lift was tangled in the sail, so I stopped. I cut the damaged end from the sheet, Merel taped it and I retied it expecting the genoa to unfurl and job done. But it didn’t go exactly like that. At first the sail refused to unfurl at all. The twisted topping lift was tight and stopped the sail unfurling. It took half an hour of fiddling on the foredeck to get the sail unfurled. Once unfurled I could see that the topping lift was still tangled right at the top of the forestay. I dreaded having to climb the mast and so continued trying to clear it from the deck. After another half hour of swaying about on the foredeck we managed to untangle it all and set the genoa again.

Finally, we got to eat.

Have a great day!

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