A Crescent Moon

The engine conked out during my watch because we forgot to transfer the fuel over on time. I put up the genoa. And thought to myself well I’m sure Dave will love to sort it out on his watch later so I’ll try and sail again. It was meant to be though because we got some special visitors. At about 3am, I was reading my book. ‘Women who run with the wolves’ highly recommended mostly for the women out there and men if you want to learn more about the wild woman :slight_smile:

The moon was shinning bright and I heard a high pitched sound and then some splashing. I hopped out into the cockpit to see a group of about 7 gorgeous dolphins all jumping out of the water at the same time. They jumped around the boat about 3 times and off they jumped away into the moon light. We were only going 3 knots at the time so maybe we weren’t interesting enough for them to stay longer. But it made my night, so beautiful! The stars, the half upsidedown moon and the reflection of it’s light on us and the beautiful calm sea. And some happy dolphins playing.

Today is another calm day, it’s sunny. The water is beautiful, clear and very blue. Yesterday we had a similar calm day, took the sails down and swam in the deep blue sea. It’s about 4000m deep - a strange but wonderful thought. We left a line out with a floaty just in case the wind would pick up and Anjea would decide to take off. You can never be too careful out here.

We are really enjoying the calm seas, the sunshine and the warmth. We have been cooking, cleaning, watching movies, reading and talking some more. :wink:

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